Do you feel it?

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someone please edit this part so hes a fast food server and hes handing u a tray of fries”your total is tHREEEEEEEE NINETY FIVE”. via nyenuma

Did it and now Im done

"Sorry for the delay on your burger!"


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When the Dominator is aimed at a target, it continuously reads and sends their psychological data to the Sibyl System for calculation. When this value exceeds a certain level (indicating that the target is mentally unstable, and more likely to commit a violent crime), the gun will then be able to fire. The gun has three modes: Non-Lethal Paralyser, Lethal Eliminator, and Destroy Decomposer.

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doctor who + text posts | part 1/? (tenth doctor edition)


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A Solitary King no Longer

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Kill Bill Vol.1 - Soundtrack

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From The Hunger Games to Mockingjay.

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 | 進撃の巨人 悔いなき選択 / A Choice With No Regrets OVA / coming soon |  
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Next year, I’ll be a third-year too. If only I could stay a second-year forever…

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this is the most relatable vine i’ve ever watched

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